Pedro's Adventures in Spanish is a language learning adventure game.  Because learning Spanish should be an adventure. 
Developed and published by Rocket Boy Games. Based in Canberra, Australia
Release Date: 29th July 2021
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ROCKET BOY GAMES is an independent games studio with a focus on creating fun and engaging video games to help you learn languages.
Immerse yourself in a Spanish speaking world of adventure! Take control of Pedro as he travels across the kingdom, solving puzzles, making friends and defeating monsters. His journey to save the princess mirrors your journey into learning Spanish.

Pedro's Adventures in Spanish is designed to be entirely in Spanish with no in-game translations. This provides maximum immersion and will be useful to any learner regardless of their native language. All interface, dialogue and narration is in simple Spanish accompanied by images, animations and context to help you understand the game play and objectives. You can see the Spanish word for any object by hovering the mouse cursor over it and if you didn't quite catch what a character has said you can ask them to repeat as many times as you like!

This is not a classroom, there are no quizzes or word matching exercises. The purpose of this game is to provide a fun environment for you to practice and learn through context and immersion.
- Dozens of unique characters fully voice acted by native Spanish speakers
- Auto-saved progress and no death mechanic encourages experimentation without risk
- Over 1800 lines of in-game Spanish dialogue
- Approximately 15-20 hours of game play (depending on experience level)
Frequently Asked Questions 
"Is this game for beginners?"
Pedro's Adventures in Spanish is ideal for beginner to intermediate Spanish learners. However, even experienced learners can benefit from it. If you've never learned any Spanish previously, we would recommend that you spend a few weeks learning some common verbs and grammar before beginning the game because it will allow you to make the most of the experience.
For advanced learners looking for a challenge, it is possible to turn off the text subtitles from the options menu. In this scenario players will have to rely on their listening comprehension to understand what characters are telling them.
"Will this be useful if I want to learn Spanish from Spain (Castilian)?"
In short, yes. Especially if you are a beginner. The scripts and voice performances were done by Latin American Spanish speakers but most of the common verbs and nouns are the same in both variations of the language. Even though some of the words in the game might be less commonly used in Spain, Spaniards and Latinos are typically able to understand each other perfectly.
"Why pixel art?"
A fantasy setting allowed us to put the player into a variety of interesting situations and more easily provided opportunities for them to encounter different objects, characters and locations that would otherwise feel unrealistic to encounter. Also, we think is cute!
"Will you be releasing this game in other languages as well?"
Provided there is sufficient support for Pedro's Adventures in Spanish then we intend to release it in other languages as well, starting with the romance languages (French, Italian, Portuguese etc) and then eventually in Asian languages (Japanese, Mandarin, Korean etc).
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