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Linguist FPS - The Language Learning FPS
 Learn 🇯🇵Japanese, 🇷🇺Russian, 🇫🇷French, 🇲🇽Spanish, 🇺🇦Ukrainian and much more.
​​​​​​​Learn a new language with this fast paced action shooter! Follow instructions in your target language to unlock weapons and equipment upgrades. Use your new found language skills to save the city from an army of killer robots!
Pedro's Adventures in Spanish
 🇲🇽Learn Spanish
Want to improve your Spanish? Need a break from flash cards and listening exercises? Ready to put what you've already learned into practice? 
¡Felicidades amigos! This is the game for you.
Peter's Adventures in English
 🇺🇸Learn English
Take control of Peter as he travels across the kingdom, solving puzzles, making friends and defeating monsters. This game is designed to be accessible to a very broad range of players, including young children and people learning English as a second language.
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Pierre's Adventures in French
 🇫🇷Learn French
Coming soon